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Activities to do in Andorra

Culture in Andorra

In Andorra you will find a magnificent representation of Romanesque art in small churches and hermitages. You can also visit the many museums.

Sant Esteve church Andorra Prestigi Hotels

Sant Esteve church

The parish church of St. Stephen of Andorra la Vella is the middle of the old city of Andorra la Vella. Originally Romanesque, it has been modified and extended several times, the last and most important of the twentieth century. From the original semicircular apse is preserved Roman (XIII century), the largest of Andorra, and the boot of the walls of the nave. Inside, you can admire various Baroque altarpieces, some of them very good quality, such as San Juan Bautista or the Santa Lucia. The beam are also remarkable polychrome Romance had to endure a canopy, called Box of Souls, by Joan Casanovas, and various pieces of silver. Come and see and know the whole story of this church.

Margineda bridge Andorra Prestigi Hotels

Margineda bridge

Medieval style, perfect condition. Next, is a metal sculpture of the Valencian artist Andreu Alfaro. This is one of the few bridges Romanesque of the twelfth century that have been preserved. It is the largest and most slender of all the medieval bridges of the Principality and has a length of 33 meters and a maximum height of 9.20 meters. The bridge is shaped like a donkey and his spine is still paving the entire structure as the rest of the way.

Romanesque in Andorra Prestigi Hotels

Romanesque in Andorra

Andorran romanesque art is the art style highlights of the Principality of Andorra. Considered an extension of Catalan Romanesque art, characterized by a long heritage that has survived until today in the fields of civil and religious architecture, in addition to pictures and paintings.

Other activities to do in Andorra

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