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Andorra, a country rich in gastronomy

Gastronomic experiences in Andorra

The local, fresh, seasonal and top quality product is one of the aspects best valued by our customers. A way to taste local cuisine a specific destination, without giving up other alternatives for all tastes.

High mountain gastronomy Prestigi Hotels Andorra


Andorran cuisine brings you closer to the aromas and flavors of the mountains. Try seasonal products that you can only taste at a specific time of the year, such as mushrooms, winter vegetables or sausages, among many others.

Home gastronomy Prestigi Hotels Andorra


Taste the delicacies of home cooking in Andorra and savor the typical dishes of its culture. You can’t leave the country without having tried these dishes. You will be amazed by the great gastronomic offer, which satisfies any palate.

Culinary tradition Prestigi Hotels Andorra


Andorran cuisine shares many similarities with Spanish, Catalan and French gastronomy. In addition to traditional dishes, Andorra consumes a lot of mountain game, such as wild boar or hare, as well as many varieties of wild mushrooms.

Wine tourism Prestigi Hotels Andorra


The wines of the Andorran valley become reality thanks to several local wine producers who have worked on developing a quality, singular product with a defined personality that gives them the added value they need to find a place on the market.

Other experiences

Discover many more experiences that you can live in Andorra: gastronomy, traveling with children, cycling, motorcycle tourism, hiking, spa, events... And much more with Prestigi Hotels!
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