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Hotel Mercure****

C. de la Roda, 2 Andorra la Vella (Andorra la Vella) (+376) 873 602 / 902 646 255

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SpringInLove: Andorra

The snow retreats, but the mountains and the most incredible nature of the Pyrenees awake.
Discover Spring in the Country of the Pyrenees, rediscover freedom in a magical SpringInLove

In July, Andorra & Rebel du Cirque du Soleil

REBEL, an event in Andorra by Cirque du Soleil, pays tribute to iconic men of song with a soundtrack inspired by love, one of the most explored themes in music.

Love - whether mad, frenzied, ephemeral or passionate - is an intangible feeling but one that has given shape to the rhythms, melodies and lyrics of some of the most beautiful songs of all time.